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    Bienvenue 2019, Parigi
    Meris Angioletti
    Franco Arocha

    October 12 -20, 2019

    Meris Angioletti (Bergamo, 1977. Lives and works in Paris)
    Taking the form of light and acoustic installations, video projections, slide shows, publications and photographs, Meris Angioletti’s work questions the mechanisms of perception, memory and the psyche. At Bienvenue Otto Zoo would present a large tapestry, Arcana II, which refers to the second of Tarot’s Major Arcana, The High Priestess, where abstract forms and colors are inspired by historical avantgardes. Together with this work, a recent series of shadowgraphs (or photogenic drawings in Fox Talbot’s words) titled D-76 will be presented.

    Franco Arocha (Guatemala, 1992. Lives and works in Mexico City).
    Franco Arocha, a painter and a performer, has recently begun a series of works about urban surfaces. After collecting fragments of wall plaster, paint or graffiti, his work consists of creating, with these remains, painterly collages that become portraits of towns, urban memories and stratification. At Bienvenue Otto Zoo would present a selection of the works he accomplished during his residency period in Italy (sponsored by Otto Zoo) which are inspired by his stays in Venice, Rome and Naples. Connected by color’s nuances and by the concept of stratification which features both their works, the dialogue between the two artists is also enhanced by the aim of defining identity by different and external insights.