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    miart 2018
    Jacin Giordano
    Maria Morganti
    Meris Angioletti

    April 13 – 15, 2018


    The works by Jacin Giordano and Maria Morganti are focused on the practice of painting. For Jacin Giordano (Stamford, CT, 1978) it is an attempt, through the use of ductile and synthetic acrylic, to go beyond the boundaries of two dimensions with works that recall totems and shamanic symbols.
    For Maria Morganti (Milan, 1965) painting is a continuous reflection, through the use of oils, pastels, and watercolor, on the sense of time, on artistic experience, on the existential and philosophical meaning of color.
    One wall of the booth is covered by more than 2000 Arrowheads by Jacin Giordano. The arrowheads have the form of small arrows; they are the remains of the acrylic on the spatulas he uses to mix his paint.
    Various layers are deposited on each spatula, which then take on diverse colors and consistencies. For the artist they represent a sculptural work for the wall. The work has neither a specific form nor a specific surface, but is modeled from time to time according to the final context and the wishes of whoever possesses it.
    On the other wall of the booth is presented a large Sedimentazione rossa (180 x 160 cm.) by Maria Morganti.
    The Sedimentazioni works are monochrome oils on canvas obtained from layers of paint accumulated day after day on the canvas over a long period of time. They are an expression of the succession of experiences and moments, an attempt to use oil paint in order to challenge the capacities of the material.
    There is also being presented a small sculpture on a steel plinth by Maria Morganti: Stratificazione con Lapislazzulo Blu (22 x 18 x 7 cm.), a work that compares and contrasts a layer of modeling plasticine, made by the artist with the same systematic approach and method used for painting in oils, and the natural stratification of a stone: Human time, artificially conceived of by humanity, with the traces of the geological and natural time of stone.