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    September 15 – October 29, 2011


    Otto Zoo, on occasion of Start Milano Weekend, is pleased to present an installation by South Korean artist T-yong Chung (Tae-gu 1977).
    The artwork of T-young Chung – who currently lives in Milan – consists of researching and recycling daily use objects and materials. These objects and materials are taken apart and reconstructed by the artist, who relies on his own imagination. His approach, minimalist or significant, tends to give subjects a different meaning and a new dimension, which also identifies with their past, structure and substance. The installation was inspired by an idea of Italian culture and tradition, elements the artist is extremely attracted to. These components have a significant impact on T-yong Chung’s current art worK. The remains of Tyrolean chairs, gathered, seem to form a gigantic origami. After removing their faces, fake Riace bronzes lose their kitsch quality and gain a new refined authority. The rusty shovel, after being polished, regains the sacredness it deserves due to its timeless use.

    A significant aspect of T-yong Chung’s artwork – whether it is sculptures, photographs, videos or drawings – is a vocation for levity, for oneiric essentiality, for unrestricted reverie, that he emphasizes with his interest for the never-ending development and stratification of things, to bring to new light lost possibilities.

    T-YONG CHUNG (Tae-gu, 1977, lives and works in Milan).
    Education and Residency: 2010 Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation Atelier 2010, Venice IT, 2010 Museum Carlo Zauli Workshop, Faenza IT, 2009 March Foundation, Lago studio Art-workshop, Padova IT, 2002-2007 Academy of Fine Arts Brera (BA,MA), Milano IT, 1996-2002 Degree in Environmental Sculpture – The University of Seoul, Seoul (S. Korea).
    Solo shows: 2010 I was…, MARS Milano artist run space, Milan IT, 2010 Spacecraft Attitude, curated by F. Referza, (with Davide Bertocchi), Velan center, Turin IT, 2009 ‘B612’, Santa reparata international school of art, Florence IT, 2008 Site specific CAR projects gallery, Bologna IT, 2007 Short show Neon/fdv, Milan IT, 2007 Sewing machine Villa Rondinelli, Fiesole IT.
    Group shows: 2011 Nuova creatività italiana (Officina Italia 2), curated by Renato Barilli, Sala
    Museale del Baraccana, Bologna IT, 2011 Opera 2010, Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’arte, Torino
    IT, 2010 94ma Group Show, Piazza San Marco Gallery, Venice IT, 2010 Premio città di Treviglio e
    giovani talenti, ALT arte conpemporanea-Spazio Fausto Radici, Bergamo, Treviglio IT, 2010 Mr
    potato head, curated by Luca Trevisani, C.A.R.S cusio artist run space, Omegna IT, 2010 Rooming, curated by K. Baraldi, A. Castiglioni, VYŠEHRADSKAÅL 26, Praga CZ, 2010 Workshow, curated by Stefano Coletto, Chiara Casarin, Palazzetto Tito, Venice IT, 2009 Invocare istanti, curated by Lorenzo Bruni, Dryphoto gallery, Prato IT, 2009 New Italian epic, Brown projects space, Milan IT, 2008 Soft-cell, curated by Andrea Bruciati, Galleria comunale d’arte contemporanea, Monfalcone IT, 2008 200 Artisti per Careof, curated by Roberto Pinto, Careof, Milan IT, 2008 Videoart yearbook 2008, Galleria civica d’arte contemporanea, Trento IT, 2008 New season no_reason, curated by Paola Gallio, Davide Tomaiuolo, Neon/fdv, Milan IT, 2007 Off the record, curated by Pierluigi Tazzi, Eric van hove, Sega amusement space, Tokyo JP, 2007 New entry, curated by Chiara Agnello, Careof, Milan IT, 2007 Festival d’images artistiques video, curated by H. Karabibene, M. Gorni, P. Willemsen Au Centre Pablo Neruda, Nimes FR, 2007 Hallucination, curated by Joonsung Yoon, T-yong Chung, Media art in Seoul soul, Seoul (S. KOREA), 2007 L’eclissi, Neon/Fdv, Milan IT, 2007 Icity-periferiche, Urban center, Bologna IT, 2007 Verisimo magico, curated by Sergio Risaliti, NOT gallery, Naples IT, 2006 Fucina 3, curated by Antonio Grulli, Cave Michelangelo, Carrara IT, 2005 Punto d’estensione, curated by Guido Molinari, AR/GE Kunst museum, Bolzano IT, 2004 New entries, curated by Guido Molinari, Neon gallery, Bologna IT.
    Awards: 2010 Regione Veneto Prize, Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Venice, 2010 Cammina con
    l’Arte 2010, Premio Stonefly, Venice 2010.