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    September 20 – 29, 2012


    Trupa Blokovi

    Djodje Bojic

    Aleksander Gojkovic

    Milos Lubarda

    Ivan Veselin

    OTTO ZOO, for the 2012 edition of Start Milano Art Weekend, presents the first Italian event of Broken Dimanche Press (BDP), in collaboration with The LGB Group.

    Broken Dimanche Press, with an emphasis on beautiful books, invigorating content and outstanding design, is at the forefront of experimental art publishing. Co-founded by writer John Holten and journalist Line Madsen Simenstad and currently based in Berlin, BDP has been making books, objects and visual art projects since 2009. A self-declared fiction, BDP has been in the business of intervening in the real world with gestures that revolve around books and related projects. One such being The Readymades, a novel by John Holten which tells the story of The LGB Group.

    The LGB Group first formed in Belgrade in 1995 by the artists Djordje Bojić, Aleksandar Gojković and Miloš Lubarda. The group has most recently shown work in The Armory Show 2012 with Gallery D.O.R., Brussels and in Altes Finanzmat, Berlin. They have also carried out interventions in Motto, Berlin and Gallery 1857, Oslo. After officially ceasing to make new artwork, their legacy and work have been discussed this summer in David Zwirner Gallery, New York by philosopher and critic Aengus Woods and John Holten.

    For BDP’s first event in Italy at OTTO ZOO, John Holten and Serbian artist Darko Dragičević will present a selection of visual artwork by The LGB Group that charts the history of the group’s relationship with BDP. This presentation exhibits the relationship between the publishing house and the group and their shared history, and includes the BDP full catalogue, Charlemagne prize winning book You Are Here, limited editions, original works and collector items.