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    September 19 – October 31, 2009


    OTTO ZOO gallery, as an initiative of Start Milano – Weekend of contemporary art, is pleased to present the works of Agne Raceviciute, a young Lithuanian artist who works in Treviso and Venice and who is currently attending the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa ‘s ateliers.

    This exhibition marks the start of the OTTO ZOO PROJECT, meant to give young artists the possibility to exhibit their works in a solo-show in a gallery space. The purpose of the project is to give each chosen artist a chance to develop a site-specific project, mostly focused on new media. Video will be a jump-start for how young artists can use and combine old and new media.

    Photographs, videos and installations by Agne Raceviciute portrait faceless characters wearing extravagant dresses made out of ceramics and fabrics, bordering what could be an ironic parody of fashion photography. Raceviciute’s work mainly reflects her experiences and memories; dreamy images and the charming traditions of her native country fuse together, to create an ironic image of reality. Materials she uses seem to echo structures that have been forbidden from fully taking on shape, as if stuck in a timeless dimension.

    Following Raceviciute, other artists’ works will be presented as part of the OTTO ZOO PROJECT, reinterpreting the space in a different and personal way.