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    Copy of _DSC3108-1 Sebastiano Mauri, Aliens-1. LOWjpg copia

    Sebastiano Mauri
    The Sculpture Park
    a project by Peter Nagy, Noelle Kadar and Saath Arts
    Madhavendra Palace, Jaipur.
    Through July 2020

    Karl Friedrich Schinkel, 1816, Design for The Magic Flute: The Hall of Stars in the Palace of the Queen of the Night, Act 1, Scene 6

    Rage, rage against the dying of light.
    A dialogue between writers about a changing Europe

    A talk between Alessandro Raveggi and Vincenzo Latronico
    Readings by Irene Grazioli

    Otto Zoo
    Friday, 15 February 2019
    h 18,30

    Special Project 2

    T-Yong Chung
    Open Studio _ Fonderia Artistica Battaglia
    Milano, Via Stilicone 10
    March 10 – March 272017

    Lavinia is T-Yong Chung’s most recent project to be held at Fonderia Battaglia in Milan, in its Open Studio program.
    Produced by Tender to Art, Tender Capital’s visual arts hub, the project was installed at Fonderia Battaglia


    ACAW 2016 (Asian Contemporary Art Week)
    FIELD MEETING 4: Thinking Practice
    Hosted at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum & Asia Society– New York, NY.
    Curated by ACAW (Asian Contemporary Art Week). Director Leeza Ahmady.

    September 8 – November 18, 2016

    You are me, Sebastiano Mauri, 2015. Courtesy Otto Zoo

    Live installation di SEBASTIANO MAURI

    Via Varese 12
    I-20121 Milano
    Saturday, April 11, 2015
    From 18 to 22

    YOU ARE ME is a live – installation by Sebastiano Mauri. It was presented on the occasion of Miart at h+, production studio of cultural events, based in Milan.

    O.Z.2, Serena Vestrucci/Vincenzo Latronico, 2014, installation view. Courtesy Otto Zoo

    An exhibition project by Otto Zoo in collaboration with the Hotel Locarno
    and with the curatorial contribution of Ilaria Gianni.
    Roma, Via della Penna 59.
    November 2013 – December 2014

    The program was realized in four episodes. Each episode was composed of a site-specific installation within four windows conceived by an artist in dialogue with an unreleased texts written by an author,
    giving life to a conversation, a breach, a discussion, in line with the great artistic and literary tradition of the street and the place that hosted the project.
    The program included the following meetings: Sebastiano Mauri and Elena​ Stancanelli, Serena Vestrucci and Vincenzo Latronico, Maria Morganti and Matteo Nucci, T-yong Chung and ​Fabio Stassi​.